Longhorn Cattle For Sale in Utah

Here at JH Cattle Company, we are dedicated to breeding the best animals possible. Having the best genetics is our goal, so if you're interested in high quality longhorn cattle for sale, check out our great selection of bulls, cows, heifers, and calves. We have been breeding Texas Longhorns now since 2017, however we have been around longhorns for several year's thanks to Kent Bladen. We'd like to thank Scott Pace and Megan Pace for helping us get our herd started and showing us the ropes. We have some exciting things going on this year. We are using embryos from one of our foundation females Riverforks Pearl Jam and placing them in 3 of our cows. We are also going to be using AI (artificial insemination) on several of our best cows. By doing this we will be breeding to some of the very best bulls in the nation! 

My daughter and I are working together to create an excellent herd for years to come.

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